2 things that I would like

  • 1: Save bookmarks until deleted, even after shutdown. Such a pain having to set them up every day after opening and pressing F2 and nothing there.
    2: Stop moving focus and popup asking if want to update/keep open pages when programs are edited in another program, I can’t think of anytime I wouldn’t want them to be.

    Love NPP and don’t want to use anything else but these 2 things do bug me, so thought I’d ask.

  • @Edward-Fanning


    Not sure what you are talking about here?! Bookmarks persist across Notepad++ shutdown/restart cycles for me.



  • in my npp text files, bookmarks are very much retained, across sessions, till I manually delete them.

    of course, they disappear if I copy new text to entire tab.

    I have recently discovered bookmarking and it is very useful to quickly reach an old place. I am loving their convenience , and also the ease and simplicity to set them up and use.

    could you clarify what exactly is behavior in your npp.


  • Thanks, everything works as I want now, never would have found the settings.

  • BUG:

    When I select entire text of a tab and CHANGE CASE (^U or alt U), all bookmarks disappear.

    changing case has no relation to bookmarks. bookmarks should be retained while changing case.

  • Can confirm, it looks like the bookmark will be moved to the next line of the selection, like

    having the following text (O indicates the bookmark, numbers obviously the line margin)

    O 1 hello hello
      2 world world
      3 hello hello
      4 world world

    bookmark on first line and selection is on complete first line
    (eol included so that cursor is on first position on second line)
    then by pressing alt+u it will result in this

      1 Hello Hello
    O 2 world world
      3 hello hello
      4 world world

    if selection is line 1 including line 3 (cursor is on first position on line 4) results in

      1 Hello Hello
      2 World World
      3 Hello Hello
    O 4 world world

    and by selecting all text, bookmark will be deleted

      1 Hello Hello
      2 World World
      3 Hello Hello
      4 World World


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