How to add a photo to Notepad++

  • Does anyone know an easy way to add photos to my website built through notepad++? Thank you!

  • Hi Morgan. I think you’re going to want to head over to w3schools to get a quick pointer on HTML images. Then if you still have questions, you’ll want to find an HTML language support resource. This site is about how to use Notepad++. So this is basically a “best way to turn the meat grinder crank” site, but what you’re asking is “what meat do I put in to make sausage”.

  • notepad++ is only a “text” editor, not a HTML editor. You can view a image in ANSI code like this:

    IHDR d d Úë]ß gAMA ± üa cHRM z& €„ ú €è u0 ê` :˜ pœºQ< bKGD ª#2 pHYs  ÒÝ~ü tIMEá *®ã4P |IDATxÚÅœk¬mWußó±ûq^÷aûšk_cü6
    qDÆDÁ@]É ¦
    j¹DU[Z7‚ò1m¥(Qˆ"•|H”J­p¿ %Q

    No images will display in notepad++. For HTML editing without HTML viewer, you can use notepad++. For images the HTML img tag:

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