Reload dialog causing triggering automatic tab selection is annoying

  • Now before you start typing “go to preferences and check ‘Update silently’”… I actually want to know when a file has been modified, so the reload dialog is very useful, when “Update silently” is enabled you need to rely on memory and examination of the contents of the file to determine if the file has been updated.

    What I find annoying is NotePad++ changing the tab you have selected every time a file is modified. I’d like a preference that changes the behaviour to only show the reload dialog when the tab with the changed file is selected. Or even better when you have another tab selected change the colour of the other tabs to red when a change to their file has been detected.

    Normally I have many files open in notepad++ and some of the files are server logs, I’d like to be able to choose when to switch tabs to the server logs rather than having to repeatedly respond to a dialog then switch tabs back to what I’m focused on. Currently I don’t like either behavior, I need to know when files have been modified, however I don’t want notepad++ forcing a context switch on me.



  • And yet the functionality remains the same in 7.5.4

  • After scouring the forums it seems this feature was requested almost 10 years ago and since it has re-requested hundreds of times . It seems extremely odd that updates for Notepad ++ are still regularly released yet this issue remains unaddressed.

    @chcg Any idea why this issue is being ignored?

  • @michael-lang

    I’m sure during your research that you found a lot of requests that are ignored, many of which are great requests or pleas for obvious bug fixes. Just the way it is…so don’t feel like your request is being treated specially. :-)

  • There are 1907 issue still open. The main developers seem not be bothered to much by this behaviour.

  • @michael-lang
    I only occasionally have to watch my logs, and so this hasn’t been a huge issue for me. But, if I was, as I had in the past, monitoring multiple servers for various activity I can see how this would be a workflow issue, and for me that would give it a higher priority.

    Nonetheless, when one considers the price, there isn’t much incentive to persuade. Although there are a lot of ways to monitor this kind of activity, what this app does specifically with its ability to multitask as a developer, is hard to come by.

    In this day and age, as I’ve come into retirement, I’ve come to take this lackadaisical attitude from the developers as part of the package. I can’t complain, I’ve seen so many apps come and go I’ve forgotten more tools of the past than I can remember, along with languages. Some of them go on to monetize, some stay freeware, or shareware, and most just go by the wayside as the primary developer moves on with life and into the field with work that pays real money. I’m actually impressed with Np++'s longevity, another reason that I don’t complain.

    I’ve only recently become interested in the app’s capabilities and thus to keep my retired mind active have become involved in various projects on a gratis basis; and I can sympathize as in my younger days, between projects, I would become desperate for the kind of tools that were available to me on worksites. My abilities to do independent work as a sole proprietor has always been cramped by money flow, and I’ve had to settle for substandard tools less specifically developed to suit my personal needs. And yet, again, the price is great and Np++ is a fantastic tool, always has been.

    All that said, one of the best lessons I’ve learned in life is something my sister taught me in her corporate climb to become a high level director for a national corporation is… “The person with the least interest has the most power.” and one I’ve learned on my own. Most people who work at the pleasure of the people for very little money; think government and freeware projects, put in their eight hours. Whether they put in those eight hours for you, or someone else has a whole lot to do with attitude. Kudos, and appreciation for their time go a long way towards making that eight great! It’s not in what you know, it’s in who you know and how one treats them. Nevertheless, I sympathize with your frustration. Considering what all this application can do; it’s a minor convenience for most everyone but you and a few others like me when I was younger. FWIW.

  • Last sentence <word> inconvenience, not convenience… BTW, 180 seconds for an edit is too short… but, the response times are so high in reading these… there’s nothing worse than reading something someone is editing… still, a few more seconds would be nice… for the 4th re-read.

  • @Chip-Cooper

    4th re-read

    Suggestion: Compose (i.e., edit/proofread) offline before submitting? I could recommend a good text editor for this. :-D

    Also: I’ve noticed that you like to talk; it’s OK but in such long posts it is sometimes hard to pull out the point. Maybe consider the Blog section of the Community for longer discussions and try to keep other contributions shorter and more to the point? Avoid the dreaded TL;DR

  • I’m actually OK with those who think it’s TL;DR I probably wasn’t writing to them anyway. ;-) I’d rather have a tl;dr than just say something like, "I sympathize; but, it’s free… get over it. Have a better attitude and as they say, ‘you get more flies with honey than vinegar’ even if some people think flies like more shtuff than shinola.

    This is a long standing issue; and I see a frustrated user; I sympathize. Those, like me, having a long history of development are used to having complete control over their projects; seeing a bug and reporting it feels like a duty. Seeing a user with a bona fide suggestion that fixes what I’m sure is an unintended glitch, even more so.
    Consolation is never wrong, just on occasion wordy. I relate. I’d say if I was more up on my C++ as I once was, I’d also offer a solution; but, I’m also following on Git, so that seems to have been done… perhaps. Solutions are time sensitive, wait long enough and it’s obsolete, either because it’s handled, or more likely, it won’t plug in.

    As one who types quickly, it’s no big thing to type many words, as long as they have substance. Often the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Squeek, squeek. This wheel needs grease. I hate disruptions when I’m coding, who doesn’t!? Shallow thinkers?

    Nevertheless, all this doesn’t detract overly from what a great program Np++ is already! Git it over with! ;-) I saw the complexity required, it’s a logic issue, undoubtedly the code exists for handling this I believe this was unintended, it’s a non-sequitur. Often the easiest to solve, if just briefly one dives into the rabbit hole long enough to work out the relationship that’s failing. It’s an, if (a and not b) or c else d kind of thing, or was that if a and not (b or c) else d kind of thing. The switches exist for the intended behavior, it’s just not working… as intended. Or am I reading this feature issue wrong?

    Still, will it get done… I put in my two bits, a bit of consoling, and I thought I was done. At least it’s not a wall of text. As far as tl;dr… if what I write is tl, then dr… I don’t care… I mean, how many bits a data did I take up anyway to console a frustrated user, one I sympathize with, and apparently he’s not alone from what I’ve read. Still it’s Np++, and it is what it is… take it or leave it. How many millions use it. No revenue stream… God Bless Don Ho! That’s what I say.

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