Compiling Notepad++ -- How does one create and implement their own signature for a custom SciLexer.dll?

  • I am new to signed code and if I understand correctly the signature is the means being used to assure that a version (standard or custom) of Notepad++ is using the SciLexer.dll (standard or custom) compiled to work with it as well as to block hacks of SciLexer.dll. I created a custom Lexer for SQL code using a custom version of Notepad++ and need to create and implement as I understand it an appropriate signature to prevent my versions from being incorrectly used with other versions. Can anyone provide some guidance as to how to do this even a website and some hints where in Notepad"++ I will find the code that may need modification. – Thanks in advance.

  • @David-Shuman235

    If you are just trying to get around the fact that the existing runtime check won’t let you run what you want to, you might have a look at @dail 's suggestion here about commenting out the call to VerifySignedLibrary().

  • Sounds good.

    • that may be enough of a hint to go either way,

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