function Replace (ctrl + h)

  • Please tip,

    I have more than 1200 html files. I need to replace the text in them. But most likely function Replace has a limited number of characters.
    How do I solve the problem? Thank you!

    An example of the part I need to replace:

    <div class="searchControlContainer">
    	<input type="hidden" target='_new'
    	        <input type="hidden" target='_new'
                <input class="searchButton" type="submit" value=""/ target='_new'>
    <div class="searchControlButtons">
        <span class="searchIcon menuButton" target='_new'><span class="icon"></span></span>
        <span class="closeIcon menuButton" target='_new'><span class="icon"></span></span>
    	<div class="suggestions" target='_new'></div>
    		<li id="menuPublications" class="chrome menuButton script-ROMAN dir-ltr" role="menuitem" aria-label="" lang="sk" data-lang="V" dir="ltr">
                <a href=""><span class="icon"></span><span
    					                <li id="menuSynchronizeControls">
                        <li id="menuSynchronize" class="chrome menuButton tbSync" role="menuitem"
                            <a id="linkSynchronize" href="" rel="nofollow">
                                <span class="icon"></span> <span class="label"></span> </a>
    		            <li id="menuSearchHitNext"
                class="chrome menuButton iconOnly menuRight Vscript-ROMAN dir-ltr" lang="sk" data-lang="V" dir="ltr">
                <a href="#"><span class="icon"></span></a></li>
    	<div id="publicationNavigation"
     class="chrome lang-V script-ROMAN dir-ltr" lang="sk" data-lang="V" dir="ltr">
    <div class="secondaryNavToggle"><span class="icon"></span></div>
    <div class="pubNavTitle">
        <div class="chrome lang-V script-ROMAN" lang="sk" data-lang="V">

  • @Dávid-Brňák

    Find-what and Replace-with zones are limited to 2046 characters. Not much can be done to work around that.

  • @Scott-Sumner

    …and an additional complication is that it is not easy to get text with line-endings in it (such as you might try to do with a copy-and-paste operation) into the Replace-with zone.

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