Folder as Workspace: Hide some folders

  • HI,
    Is there a way you can hide some folders for Folder as Workspace

    Add the folder FolderA. It contains 2 sub folders.

    Both folders are displayed in the panel. is it possible to “hide” a folder.
    This would make the feature more useful to me. i often have sub-folders with material that is not relevant to look at in Notepad++


  • @Derek-Wallace

    afaik - no but the Project feature would allow to select which files/folders should be part of it,
    but this means you have to maintain it manually.


  • thx. the manual maintain is the issue with Projects.

    Long time user of Notepad++, but neither the Project or Folder as Workspace satisfy my requirements.
    They both lack some features to make them usable. (and i want to use them).

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