merry x-mas to everyone

  • merry x-mas and a happy new year to everyone.

    thanks to @donho and all devs for creating, enhancing and maintaining np++ for such a long time and hopefully a long future too (biannual sabbaticals are accepted ;-) ).

    special thanks to all members like
    @Scott Sumner
    … and many, many, really many others …
    for sharing their free time and knowledge to help out every np++ community member, supporting everyone, from beginner to pro, in every possible way

  • Thanks @Meta-Chuh, it’s always a pleasure to look into new issues and ideas and solutions around here.
    My time spent here depends on how busy I am in and with other projects, right now I am fully tied up.
    I look forward to next year and what it brings.

  • @decoderman
    never worry, i think almost all of us are pretty busy coping with our daily lives and thus far from omni-present.

    that’s why it’s so nice, that you, and many other people stop by, without really needing anything theirselves, just to check what’s new and to help out others.

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