Write Protection is required at this level

  • If I have my own scripts/content when I am sharing across peoples, as a creator of the file, I should enable the write protection. Hence, the file will not be overwritten by others

  • @Prabu-Balaji
    this is not possible.
    you can only write protect a file on your own computer and those rights are valid on this single computer.
    once you send it to someone else, they can do whatever they want because they have their own rights on their computers.
    the only possibility is to deliver a complete pc with your script/content with all write rights disabled and restricted user rights to what you have set.

  • @Meta-Chuh Well not entirely impossible, but not necessarily a Notepad++ function either. If sharing over a network, you can set access/attribute flags. I’d think that a Python script, for example, could set these flags, depending on the method of sharing.

    @Prabu-Balaji Is this a question on Notepad++ functionality, or a general file system question? If a file system question, perhaps a general Linux/Windows/SysAdmin/etc. forum would be a better place to get information. If you believe it is truly a Notepad++ question, please provide more details about how and where you are sharing the files and how you want Notepad++ to enable the write protection.

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