Notepad++ disappeared entirely!!!

  • The last time I used it was maybe a week ago. Tonight I clicked on it’s shortcut and got a message saying something to the effect that the program referred to was no longer there. I thought maybe I changed the shortcut name by accident and so I just deleted the shortcut. There was another shortcut on my desktop that gave the same result. Then a shortcut to the bin file - same result. I went into Program Files. the folder was gone!

    Now I’m in panic mode. Looked all over my file structure for it. I found a few random note files that I had left on my desktop. That’s it. I went to Event Viewer and checked out the msiInstaller for a time when it was removed. Nothing from the Event Viewer for the entire month of December!

    How could this happen? Can anyone give me an idea on what I might do? System Restore was off, I guess. This is bizarre. I can’t begin to believe the amount of stuff I had stored in that program.

  • No need to panic!
    None of the files you wrote are gone. NPP is a program to view files, it stores them to your selected location.
    Reinstalling NPP will be your fix.

    Is it possible that a Windows update removed NPP?
    Some Windows 10 updates did that for some reason at one time.

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