File associations don't work

  • I just updated to the lastest 64bit version of Notepad++ and it’s impossible to make any file associations. Windows simply doesn’t like the new exe file. I can browse to notepad++.exe, double click it,etc. but it completely ignores me.

    I has a sad.

    PS: This is my business card

  • @Maksum-Saidi

    might be a permission issue something like this.


  • Nah, I tried that.

    It also fails from Windows explorer. I right click a file and choose “Open with->Choose default program…”.

    It’s impossible to get NP++ to appear in the list of known programs and if you browse to it it simply ignores your selection.

    It seems just doesn’t like the 64 bit NP++ exe file.

    I’ve gone back to the 32 bit version (which works perfectly).

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