Sessions Enhancement Request

  • Hi – First, Thanks!

    Second – Can I request when a sessions is saved, it would be extremely useful/helpful if the no-named new documents be saved with the session too. That way, you could have a group of unsaved notes for a particular project and quickly save them all under a Session. Create a new Session … do the same … and return to the original Session and all its unnamed new documents will also be returned?

    Most of the time I find myself working on a project with lots of small unnamed notes that aid in the project development … but then need to work on another unrelated project … it would be nice to save all the open files under a Session, including the unnamed/unsaved temporary files … to be able to return back to them later when the Session files are reloaded?

    Currently, only the named open files are recorded in the Session file.

  • @Greg-Heffernan

    Who really wants a bunch of “new X” pseudo-files hanging around?

    “Let’s see, where did I put that important thing I wanted to save…was it in the new 16 file…no…maybe it was new 12…no…well…hmmm…it’s here somewhere…”

    If it is important enough to type, it’s important enough to save properly, I always say.

    Anyway, suggest you look at the Take Notes plugin as it offers up a better way than the unsaved “new X” file method. Or a few lines of Pythonscript yield the same functionality; I have this tied to an entry in my right-click context menu, I call it :

    import os
    import time
    def TFYMDHMS__main():
        temp_dir = os.environ['TEMP']  # or whatever...
        ymdhms = time.strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M%S_", time.localtime())
        new_file_fullpath = temp_dir + os.sep + ymdhms + '.txt'
        editor.insertText(0, '?'); editor.deleteRange(0, 1)  # modify file so it can be saved

    When run this script creates a new (saved) editor tab with a filename like this:


    And, obviously, once a file is named, it is saved along with other files making up a Session.

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