Down for everyone, or just me... it's just me.

  • I’m having an issue where the is not resolving in my browser, says it can’t find it. tried a tracert and it can’t resolve the dns. I then tried and it says ‘it’s just me’.

    After a while, I’m able to get into the site… it seems to last about 5-10 minutes.
    Has anyone had this issue; I’m having no problems on any other site; just this one?

  • @Chip-Cooper

    there are no records of a downtime since december.
    if it was down for everyone, you wouldn’t even be able to post here, because it resides on the same server.

    if it happens again, you can try to set google’s as your primary dns server.
    sometimes isp’s have dns filters that can get stuck, so they don’t resolve any sites that aren’t in the local db.
    maybe this could have been the case.
    (by using a specific external dns like you can circumvent those isp dns down times)

  • Awesome, will give that a go! Thank you very much.

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