No Auto Updater?

  • The program never notifies me of new versions at startup. I have auto-updater checked but it has never actually notified me of updates. I have to keep checking BetaNews to see if there’s a new version out.

  • @Thomas-Lake
    if you have the full installer version, the auto updater should work and notify you.
    there was no updater problem that i’m personally aware of in the latest releases.

    possibilities could be a proxy or a firewall which prevents you from downloading any updates, but then you’d get a message if you hit “Update Notepad++” in your menu.

    could you try to make a fresh install of an older version like
    on another pc and try to update it ?

  • Also keep in mind the auto updater is not immediately triggered in case major issues are found with the newest version. Sometimes this takes a few days or a week to deem a release stable enough.

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