How to dock the Folder As Workspace panel?

  • I can’t figure out how to redock an undocked panel. Specifically the Folder As Workspace tree view panel. I am using Notepad++ 7.5.1 (32-bit) on Windows 10.

  • @Jules-Manson

    once the docked window is floating the easiest method I know is to double-click the caption area,
    the area where you see the name “folder as workspace”.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    One note with the double-click method of re-docking is that it only works when the floating window is on the same monitor as Notepad++'s main window…if it isn’t then the double-click maximizes the floating window on its monitor. Obviously this only applies in a multiple-monitor situation.

    Sometimes even being on the same monitor doesn’t work…for example a floating Pythonscript console will maximize when its title bar is double-clicked even when on the same monitor as the Notepad++ main window. The double-click method does work for the Folder As Workspace panel, though, so it seems like a solution for the OP.

    Maybe this is still the best way to redock?:

    Click the title bar of the undocked window and then drag it around the Notepad++ main window near where you want to redock it…if you slowly move the mouse from the inside of the window area to near the edge where you want it docked, when you get to the right place an outline of a rectangle will appear on the main N++ window. If you release the mouse when that happens, your undocked window will dock right there.

  • @Claudia-Frank

    Thank you for replying. Double clicking on the top certainly worked but it left another problem. The FAW panel is now docked horizontally over the main window. Normally it should be positioned vertically and to the left. I tried dragging it and tried the left-click context menu over various areas of the panel and main window but there is no apparent way to drag it back. Do you have any ideas on how to fix that?

  • @Scott-Sumner

    Hi Scott,

    thank you for clarifying things with multiple monitors. It’s time someone invents this for laptops,
    some self extracting second monitor ;-)

    The pythonscript console window behaves like the others for me - maybe some multi-monitor
    issue as well or maybe a linux thinggy on my side.


  • @Jules-Manson

    The position and state is written to config.xml, I guess by deleting the line responsible
    for FAW it should redock to its default position. Let me try this out - come back soon.


  • @Jules-Manson

    Yes, does work.
    Stop npp and open the file config.xml with a different editor like MS Notepad.exe etc…
    Search for a string similar to

    <PluginDlg pluginName="Notepad++::InternalFunction" id="44085" curr="1" prev="4" isVisible="yes" />

    curr and prev might be different but the rest should be the same.
    Delete this line, save and exit.
    Restart npp and view->FAW. Should now reconnect to its default position on the left.

    Depending on your configuration, the correct config.xml is either under the installation path of
    notepad++ or under %APPDATA%\Roaming(maybe with or without)\Notepad++.


  • @Scott-Sumner @Claudia-Frank

    Claudia’s solution worked. Thank you so much. :-)

    Bug 1: I am not a developer (but do dabble in front/back-end web design as a hobby) but I believe the line offending tag inside the config.xml (shown below) should be considered a bug with a very easy solution of just deleting one simple line. However would this lead to another bug? Will something else stop working?

    <PluginDlg pluginName=“Notepad++::InternalFunction” id=“44085” curr=“1” prev=“4” isVisible=“yes” />

    Bug 2: As a side note I may have discovered another bug. I do not know how this happened but my config.xml file was found inside my local Dropbox folder. Here is my path:


    My current installation of Notepad++ is the second installation and each time my settings were placed in my local Dropbox. I cannot imagine any good reason why anyone would elect to save their settings to the cloud. And I certainly did not opt for this. Should I reinstall Notepad++ again (this would be 3rd time) to see what happens?

    Should these bugs be reported? If so where is the best place to report (Github or some other forum)?

    @Claudia-Frank said:


  • @Jules-Manson

    sorry, I’m not an native english speaker, so I might be wrong about your response
    but I’m under the impression that you think that the line you deleted was some kind
    of error, if so, no, this is how npp stores the FAW window settings.
    We deleted it to reset the location - that’s it.

    Concerning your dropbox, check out if Settings->Preferences->Cloud has been set,
    if so check No Cloud. Normally this is not set by notepad++.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    How did you know 44085 was the ID for the Folder As Workspace panel?

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    :-) set it as the only docked window, restart npp check config file :-)
    Hard work - no magic :-D


  • @Claudia-Frank @Scott-Sumner

    Thank you all so much for your help. I decided to go back to my old tried and true editor. Although it is much bulkier and quiet expensive, it also has many more core features that don’t require plugins, its UI is very impressive, and best of all I have yet to find a bug. Yes I am talking editor Adobe Dreamweaver (CC 2017). I am not putting down Notepad++ but it does seem to be lacking a little. I guess it takes time for an app to develop into a mature system that can compete with other big boys on the.block. But its still a very good app if all you want to do is some quick simple coding which was why i picked up Notepad++ in the first place.