Ability to change the color of individual tabs that are open

  • In an editing session or project where you have many files open, it can be difficult to find a particular tab located in the middle of a bunch of other open file tabs. It would be really cool to be able to right click on a tab and click “Change Color…” and be able to change the color of that tab (maybe even from a just a few color choices) so visually it might be easier to locate on the screen. Kudo’s for the ability to move tabs around as it definitely helps this situation a little. Thanks for a great tool!

  • My 2¢:
    You could check the settings for Style Configurator - Global Styles.
    There are four groups of settings related to tabs.
    Or you could have a look at a plugin like NavigateTo.

  • @Gogo-Neatza

    There are four groups of settings related to tabs

    These 4 groups seem to be:

    • Active tab focused
    • Active tab unfocused
    • Active tab text
    • Inactive tabs

    My experimentation with this uncovered that only “Foreground colour” had an effect, and only for 3 of the 4 (Active tab unfocused was unaffected). If anyone has a different experience, I’d be interested to hear it.

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