Function list causes lag since last update

  • Running v7.5.4 and the function list seems to slow down notepad++(32-bit) quite a bit since this last update. I’ve noticed that it now displays params of functions as well, personally I see this as unnecessary clutter but I suppose the new feature might be to blame?

    Is there a way to change whether the params show up or not in the function list?

    PC settup is a i7-7700HQ, 16GB ram, running Windows 10 64 bit

  • @Benjamin-Odegaard

    It might be the cause of a lag; also going to be dependent upon the size of your files. There is no configuration setting to change that will alter whether or not function parameters show up; best you can do is probably to remember which prior version you were using and then either copy its functionList.xml file over the one in the new version, or edit the new one to be more like the old one…

  • It’s definitely related to file size and the lag goes away when I disable the function list. As you suggested I went back and found that the functionList.xml from v7.3.1 had the most recent version that didn’t cause the lag I was seeing.

    Hopefully some optimizations can be made but for now my problem is solved!


  • @Benjamin-Odegaard Is this related to a particular language?

  • Oh and I guess I should say that I’m coding in c with file sizes that range from 500 lines to 5000 lines.

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