Multiple directories in Find in Files

  • Is it possible to search in multiple directories (which are not a single branch) using Find in Files? I need to be able to do this. I tried entering:
    This doesn’t work. It doesn’t give an error message, but just highlights the value in the Directory box. I need to be able to do this, because there are other directories in \\SUE-PC\C-Users\RowanB\Documents\Inetpub\\source3\public_html\swchoir\ which I do NOT want to search.
    Is there a way of doing what I am trying to do?
    If not, please can this be put on the wish list?
    Thanks - Rowan

  • @Rowan-Sylvester-Bradley You might want to locate a program called GrepWrap. It allows you to do what you want and more.

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