Process explorer shows npp instances remain after closing

  • As the title says, npp fails to terminate completely. The program disappears from sight when closed but process explorer shows multiple instances remain lurking in the background. I can easily collect a dozen of them while working.

    My system is Windows 10 and am using Notepad++ 7.5.4

    Thank you guys.

  • @LaraSQP

    note sure if this is a windows issue but what about
    running process monitor and see what happens if you close a npp instance?


  • A similar issue was reported a couple weeks ago and the cause was the NppMenuSearch pugin. If you have this installed it may be the culprit…or possibly some other plugin you have installed.

  • The NppMenuSearch plugin was indeed the culprit. Once uninstalled the problem went away.

    I’ll keep an eye out just in case but the matter seems resolved.

    Thank you for the quick replies.

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