User defined language styler font settings - am I missing something?

  • Hi,

    I’ve been putting together a user defined language for a custom scripting language, and am a little confused by the font settings in the styler. I had assumed that by setting a font in the Default styler, and leaving the other Styler settings with a blank font, that they would inherit the font name from the Default styler, but instead they inherit from the NPP Global/Default settings.

    For example, if my UDL has a Default styler of Consolas, but NPP as a default of Courier New, and all of the “Folding in …” stylers are left with a blank font, then I’d expect the formatted version of my script to use Consolas throughout, but it actually uses Courier New for all of the “Folding in …” blocks.

    Is there a setting I’m missing? Or is this just how it works? Seems odd that the Default style doesn’t apply to everything in the UDL …


  • @Daniel-Crichton

    if I understand correctly then you do have set a global font, if this is the case, then
    yes, it is expected behavior as this is what the setting should do.


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