Feature request: section "Frequent Files" to File menu

  • I use section “Recent closed files” which contains 10 last closed files.

    But I open and close files very much, and their count is much more than 10. And I usually open same file many times, but I often can’t find it in list of 10 recent closed files. So it would be very useful to me to see the list of 10 most requent opened files in addition to list of Recent closed files.

    If would be wonderful if you sometimes add this feature (list of 10 most requent opened files in File menu).

    Thanks and best regards,

  • @Pavel-Levdik

    personally I would post a feature request here and a more detailed description about how it actually should work.
    If I had to think about the request and have already some questions in mind, like
    should it preserve on npp shutdown, configurable in number, based on access time or how often
    a file has been opened …, I probably would not spent time coding it if I don’t think it is useful to me too.

    Can’t say for sure that this helps to get it implemented but certainly can’t hurt.