Suddenly asking me to save on exit

  • Howdy everyone, hoping someone can help me out with a new behavior NPP is exhibiting.

    I haven’t changed anything on my NPP. It’s suddenly asking me if I want to save unsaved files when I exit it. If I say “no”, the changes are gone when I open NPP again. Usually, the behavior is:

    • Edit currently open file, or create new file
    • Don’t hit save
    • Close NPP, no warning dialog
    • Open NPP - unsaved changes are still there

    How do I revert back to this previous behavior? I’ve learnt to rely on it and will be very sad if I can’t get it back.

    PS: my setting for “Remember current session for next launch” it set to true, and I am on NPP V7.5.4.

    PPS: my Windows 10 updated today, could this be the root cause?


  • You say you have ☑ Remember current session for next launch enabled … but is ☐ Enable session snapshot and periodic backup enabled or disabled? When I have that second option enabled , I get your desired behavior; when I have it disabled , I get your “new behavior” of it asking whether I want to save.

  • That fixed it, thanks!!

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