Bug (?) Window title with Unicode filename shows ???????.??? v7.5.4

  • Windows shows the filename of the selected tab at the top of the window. When the filename contains Sanskrit (for example), the top shows “???.???” for the Sanskrit portion of the file name. The filename is shown correctly on the tab. Since the filename IS shown correctly in notepad, I’m assuming this is not a Windows 10 bug, but rather something from Notepad++ v 7.5.4

    Example filename: “सौन्दर्य लहरी Saundarya Lahari in Devanagari.txt”

    Windows 10 Pro Build 1709 with all updates through today.

    Doesn’t seem to allow screenshots, but can be duplicated easily. Create a UTF-8 encoded “.txt” file with the above name.
    Here’s a few lines of text to put into the file.

    रचन: आदि शङ्कराचार्य

    प्रथम भागः – आनन्द लहरि

    भुमौस्खलित पादानाम् भूमिरेवा वलम्बनम् ।
    त्वयी जाता पराधानाम् त्वमेव शरणम् शिवे ॥

    शिवः शक्त्या युक्तो यदि भवति शक्तः प्रभवितुं
    न चेदेवं देवो न खलु कुशलः स्पन्दितुमपि।
    अतस्त्वाम् आराध्यां हरि-हर-विरिन्चादिभि रपि
    प्रणन्तुं स्तोतुं वा कथ-मक्र्त पुण्यः प्रभवति॥ 1 ॥

  • @Stephan-Hodges said:

    looks like mine is behaving differrent, the window title shows the symbols but the tab text doesn’t.
    Maybe related to the fact that I’m using Linux/Wine.
    Unfortunately the setting to change the tab text is deactivated.

    As of screenshots, you are right, you can’t attach in the forum but what you can do is to upload
    to image hosters like imgur and use a sysntax like


    and you get a result like this


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