Request to keep settings on update

  • I really like notepad++ and have been using it for years… Just have one suggestion. I have turned off autocomplete probably 100 times. Every time the program updates (which it does a lot) it turns it back on again. If you could make it so that I don’t have to be turning autocomplete off every time the program updates I think it would be awesome. Thanks

  • Not a real solution, but it might help.

    You can disable auto-update completely. There should be an executable file called gup.exe (or something similar), just delete it. Or, if you prefer, rename it so you can restore the auto-update capability whenever you want to try a newer version.

  • @NippurDeLagash

    …disable auto-update completely… gup.exe… just delete it. Or… rename it

    That seems a bit drastic…how about simply un-ticking the checkbox for Enable Notepad++ auto-updater in the Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> MISC. area?

  • @Scott Summer

    Yes, it is drastic but unfortunately, I got quite allergic to automatic updates. Notepad++ has no blame, however, after gigabytes downloaded on a monthly basis, it does not take too long for machines to become cluttered, sluggish, and useless.

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