Still buggy MACROs ? using Windows clipborad copy paste function in macros is very useless

  • Anyone same problem?
    Often I use macros to text corrections in repeating lines, there are few drags between lines so I’m doing it via copy paste.

    In Windows XP everything was fine, but in newer Windows (I use 10 now) there are unreliable and unpredictable wrong processing of CTRL-C CTRL-V function.

    Always when I build new macro (some search, replace, CTRL-X and CTRL-V) and run it by key shortcut again and again for multiple lines in my text, there is always problem with any

    It looks like CTRL-X misses the copy text into clipboard and following CTRL-V func in macro processing paste null text or it paste the contents of previous instance of same macro. It is very difficult to control it because I need to run same macro 500times so due to this bug it is very unreliable and whole macros function od this editor is useless.

    It looks like very serious bug, so if someone can help with this.

    PS" I always use new version of Notepad++ but I register this issue for 1-2years ago since when I use new Windows version. Never met before with this bug. So this bug is present in all versions of Notepad++

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