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  • Currently, Notepad++ supports launching in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari.

    Please add Opera, Vivaldi, Cliqz, Tor and (to be fair) MS Edge.


  • If you mention Cliqz/Tor … what about Waterfox/Basilik/(Cyberfox) …

    Well … this won’t do … I mean there is … I demand to support all of them and every possible future fork!

  • Yup, saw that … but thought I would limit it to the browsers I actually use. … but if you want 'em all … ;^)

    Of course, if Notepad++ could determine which browsers are installed on my system and support launching those, that would be an even better approach. That would do, no? 8-)

  • @jeronymite2

    I don’t think there will ever be any more added…because it is easy enough to add them yourself. Either add (and save) them via Run (menu) -> Run… -> The Program to Run, or edit shortcuts.xml manually and create new line entries near the existing browser entries, using the existing browser entries as a template for how to make the additions.

  • Thanks for the helpful advice. I’ve added what I need via Run… .

    I couldn’t find shortcuts.xml, even though I didn’t need it in the end. Is it there that I could remove menu items like Launch in Safari that will not ever be relevant to me?


  • @jeronymite2 said:

    couldn’t find shortcuts.xml

    Probably you are using the “installed” version of Notepad++ (as opposed to the “portable” version). In the installed version, if you click the Windows Start menu and type %APPDATA% in the “Search programs and files” box (and then press Enter), an Explorer window will open where you should see a Notepad++ folder–inside that folder should be your configuration xml files, including shortcuts.xml.

    Note: In the “portable” version, the xml configuration files are in the same folder as the notepad++.exe file.

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