Virtualisation of Notepad++ with AppV

  • With the end of life reached on Symantec Workspace Virtualisation, the remaining option is mostly the Microsoft AppV product, despite it’s relative lack of maturity. Notepad++ is quite straightforward to virtualise but the Plug-in Manager has a limitation that it would be helpful to have a workaround for.
    Since Microsoft do not appear to have any mechanism for updating their virtual apps “on the fly”, installation of plugins cannot work as the plugin manager tries to install some of the plugin files into the virtual bubble, which is read only.
    Although there is an option to specify a folder for plugins, this does not appear to be fully implemented in the sense that having tested some plugins, they install some of their files in the nominated folder but put other files into the area where on a virtual package is read only.
    As many corporates are making virtual apps their primary method of deployment, it would be handy to have NPP capable of handling plugins in a way that is totally external to the folder structure of NPP itself. That way, NPP and the Plugin Manager can be left in the virtual bubble and any plugins added by the user can be installed to their user profile and kept away from the virtual bubble. Is there any likelihood of this happening?

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