Saving a file with the same name as a folder

  • There is an interesting quirk in the “save as” dialog in v7.5.5.

    Here’s an example. Let’s say I have a folder on my desktop named “ThisProjectHasManyLettersInItsName” and I try to save a text file to my desktop named “ThisProjectHasManyLettersInItsName.txt” but I use the feature in the save as dialog that automatically adds the “.txt” to the end of the name.

    What happens is, even though it’s going to add the “.txt” to the end before it saves it, Notepad++ warns me that there is another file with that name and asks me if I want to overwrite it. If I say yes, I want to overwrite the file, it navigates into the directory. So NP++ is confused about whether that thing with the same name is a file or a folder.

    Normally, in a “save as” dialog, it would only warn me if the other thing with the same name was a file and not a folder and if the other thing with the same name, without the extension, was a folder it would navigate into the folder without a warning. Previous versions of NP++ behaved “normally.” Thanks.

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