Whole word check disabled when regexp on find mask

  • Hi,

    Match Whole Word Only is disabled when search mode is regexp. It may be usefull to be enabled when highlighting preferences is setted to use find dialog settings to know if match for whole words or not.

    Lucio Menci

  • @Lucio-Menci

    With regular expression search you control it via using \b (and/or \<, \>…sometimes even \B) in your search text.
    Read more about it here. But maybe that isn’t what you are commenting on…

    The Use Find dialog settings preference for Smart Highlighting doesn’t seem really useful, to me at least. I mean, I think it could be useful if you set the Find dialog settings one way and never change them (so Smart Highlighting always works the way you want), but then why not directly set the Smart Highlighting preferences?

  • I selected use find dialg settings because it is faster change settings when you go from a type of documents to another going to the search windows (Ctrl + F) instead going into Configuration -> Preferences -> Highlighting.

    But the fact is there is an option (Use Find dialog settings) that permits some operations that are disabled when another check is enabled. N++ has to remove that option (and not to sudgest to not use this because it doesn’t semm really useful) or has to set this option usefull.

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