Feature Request: functionList.xml - Add Label

  • select a portion of the text and click the “Add”
    The dialog box prompts you to specify the name of the label
    A label should appear in the list of functions

    To search for a label, use the path, occurrence and number of the occurrence
    When you open a file, the saved labels appear in the function list
    If you click on a label, the occurrence of the specified number of times is searched
    Notepad++ goes to the label

  • Out of scope of Function List.

    Define a User Defined Language and define the applicable parser in functionList.xml.

  • The language is defined and the parser also.
    The essence of the other. To jump between sections of code I use bookmarks and F2
    If there are a lot of bookmarks and they change, then I have to look for the code. If this was a named bookmark, I would immediately go to it.

  • Maybe one of the bookmark plugins is of use to you i.e. Bookmark Manager, Named bookmarks.

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