Save Session improvements

  • Save Session is a great feature. Thanks.

    Some comments about it:

    • It does not save files that have not yet been “saved” in Notepad++, meaning that the complete session in its current state is not saved
    • All files, even those as yet “unsaved” should be saved in the Session – Notepad++ normally saves and restores them at exit/restart, so this should not be an issue
    • The file that is produced by Save Session has no file extension, even though it is an XML file – it would be better to give it an extension, be it .xml or .npp or some other
    • Restore Session currently does not filter the files it offers in the file open dialog – if the saved session files were given a specific file extension, this dialog could then filter to offer only relevant files
    • It would be nice to have a Show Session or similar to show session metadata as well as the saved files and their metadata such as created/modified dates and size

    Many thanks, as ever, for Notepad++!

  • Still better than excel’s buggy as heck auto-save. But if you’re settings are vanilla (default), then you can access unsaved sessions from the backup folder. In my case, one change from the default is my backup location which I’m using through the “Cloud” menu in “Preferences”.

    I did a test run by created a blank document with some random text, waited 7-10 seconds, where default sessions are snapshotted every 7 seconds and went into that backup folder. I saw my unsaved note with it’s saved date in it’s name. As well as Windows showing me the modified date attribute. Same thing, no file type, which is to be expected since I didn’t save the file. But opening it with notepad shows the last saved text.

    For me, the “Save Session…” xml doesn’t include those “Unsaved” files. But I’m re-reading your suggestion and it seems like I’m referring to something completely different. So yeah actually 100% If we can filter out specific files from a session I could see that being useful for someone who saves sessions with a lot of open tabs.

    As a quick workaround to see modified dates for any file in your sessions, go to your active file and go to the “File” > “Open Containing Folder” > “Explorer” (Your original file shows) If it’s an unsaved file, as I mentioned earlier there’s that backup folder. And also, the “Explorer” option can be mapped to a shortcut key under “Settings” > “Shortcut Mapper”.

  • @jeronymite2 You can also try the Session Manager plug-in.

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