BUG - V7.5.6 - Save dialog - wrong behavior when submitting a Directory name

  • In previous versions, in Save dialog, when we submitted an already existing Directory (“folder”) name (by typing it in the “Name” textbox) and pressed [Enter], N++ correctly jumped to that directory and we could complete the save process giving the file a name. Now, if we provide a directory name, when pressing [Enter] N++ shows a warning dialog saying that “#### already exists. Overwrite? Yes/No” (and it doesn’t allow to exit by pressing [Esc]!). The only way to make it behavior correctly is by providing an additional backslash (\) at the end, after the directory name, but it is very undesirable. The best would be to have the correct behavior as before, as it is a very handy way to switch to a different directory by typing it and using auto-complete to fill in the whole path.

  • @Alexandre-Machado

    Check Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Default Directory (box on left) -> Use new style dialog (blah…blah…blah). In my case, ticking this checkbox seems to result in the behavior you desire.

  • @Scott-Sumner

    Excellent! It worked perfectly.

    Thank you very much!

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