Add color icons to Style token submenus

  • I’d like to suggest the addition of colored icons to the Style token right click menu, so we have to stop trying to remember which color was associated to each style, like this:

    Style token menu screenshot

    Also, adding some grayscale icons to the comment and uncomment actions, uppercase and lowercase menus would be a nice GUI improvement (depending on the icons).

  • @Andrés-Zsögön

    That is a very good suggestion. Rather than wait around for it, though, I changed the text of the (main) menu items for this feature:


  • Of course, what I have done with customizing the menus works for me because I know that I haven’t changed the default colors of the various “styles”. If you’ve changed the colors, and want to put text descriptions in the menus, obviously you’d want to use text that describes your own color choices.

    This makes the OP’s original suggestion clearly superior to my suggestion: Notepad++ could be changed to dynamically read the colors you’ve set up and then use samples of them in the menus. I like it.

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