Supporting NTFS case sensitive flag on Windows 10 Version 1803

  • Microsoft is going to release Windows 10 Version 1803 soon (aka Spring Creators Update, release preview for now), one of the changes allow NTFS to use case sensitive support flag so now Windows program can read file that using the same name but different case!

    Tested with notepad++ 7.5.6, it’s not compatible with this change yet, is it possible to support this feature? Thank you!


    Command to enable case sensitive support:
    C:\Users\me\Downloads\test>fsutil file setCaseSensitiveInfo .\ enable
    Case sensitive attribute on directory C:\Users\me\Downloads\test\ is enabled.

    Command to get the current case sensitive support status:
    C:\Users\me>fsutil file queryCaseSensitiveInfo .
    Case sensitive attribute on directory C:\Users\me\ is disabled.

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