A silly question...

  • Hello All!!
    I am a student starting to learn how to code and am enrolled in an introductory programming logic class. I have Notepad++ downloaded to my laptop (Windows OS) and when I attempt to compile a project, it kicks out a message of “Disabled due to Store Policies”. I’m still fairly unfamiliar with NotePad++, but something tells me that there is something missing in the download, or this product has restricted access.

    Any help with this slight conundrum would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey Lisa,

    what type of installation package you have downloaded, .exe installation or Zip package which don’t need to install,
    I suggest you to download the .exe installer.
    First Uninstall your current package and then click exe file to install.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Could you please add the debug information of N++. What kind of project do you compile and how? With the help of a N++ plugin?

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