What sets Notepad++ apart?

  • I’m a fairly new coder and was wondering why you choose to use Notepad++ over other programs.

  • mainly because of:

    many possibilities for customisation to one’s need,
    a vast amount of programming languages it can do,
    its free,
    it’s very constant in it’s gui, so you don’t have to relearn everything with every major update,
    and many reasons more …

    but you’ll see this as soon as you try out other ide’s (editors with the possibility to integrate specific compilers) like eclipse, netbeans or visual studio

  • Sublime, Vscode, Atom,vi, Emacs, which enforces the use of keyboards (shortcuts), is really anti-human design.
    Vscode and Atom’s npm is a black hole.

  • Vscode and Atom are too resource-consuming.
    Sublime’s py plugin is too slow
    npp and most of its plugins are written in C++, which is light and high performance, absolutely green portable software

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