Find function window

  • Big fan of Notepad++ and very appreciative of the development work that goes into it. Forms part of my daily workflow editing htm files.

    I have a request concerning the Find function:
    When I open Find (Ctrl+F) to look for ‘href’ for example, and then hit enter, the first result is actually obscured by the Find box. So I need to grab the Find box and move it to the top of the window before working on the text.

    The Find window then sits wherever I have dragged it for the rest of the session but, on relaunching NP++, it goes back into the center of the window again.

    Is it possible to do one of the following:
    a) have the find function embedded in the app window instead of free floating OR
    b) when the Find window spawns, could it sit at the top of the page, instead of in the center? OR
    c) have the Find window remember your preferred position next session if you drag it to the top.

    Again, much praise and appreciation, just a small gripe. Thanks.

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