Who told notepad Don_HO to store something in my user directory.

  • It turned out just because I have changed this file and everything in my User directory to hidden the code aligner that apparently wants to write there stopped working. Un-hiding the file solved this little problem but not the attitude of programmers that “dump” stuff they need into my directories on my PERSONAL COMPUTER. I would suggest to designate all config files into a place that belongs to Notepad++ no one else use. And if you have to create per user directories and settings so be it. But please do not blame user for his actions because YOU find it convenient to store YOUR files in the User directory.


  • @A-V

    I have a suggestion for you.
    Choose another text editor.
    Solves your problem.

  • Modern operating systems (for the last 20+ years) are designed for multiple users and try hard to protect users from each other.
    As a result the ONLY places that applications are safe to write to are the USER directory and the TEMP directory.
    TEMP should be considered as deleted when app closes.
    There is not a single byte of storage on your PERSONAL COMPUTER that “belongs to Notepad++”.

    Try lose the attitude.

  • Seems not to be used in my case. Just %AppData%\Notepad++ is used for user specific config files with N++ 7.5.6. As there is a 6.92 in your path. Which version of N++ are you using?

  • On my system the user.config contains only settings of the Code Alignment plugin.

  • I like npp absolutely green this feature, I use npp and all other development environments in the u disk… You can put one npp per user directory, anyway, npp is very small compared to vscode or atom.

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