What about a full shutdown of the software tabs in Windows 10?

  • Hello! Windows 10 Insider Preview is already available Sets. These are system-supported tabs. In Notepad++ have their own tabs, but completely can not be shut down. You can only hide them, but then new documents opened inside the application will be opened in new tabs of the program. Whereas it would be desirable that the new documents opened through “File - > Open / Create”, opened in a new tab of system. It is enough to add the "Open/create documents in a new window"option in the menu. Example in the screenshot.

  • @Игорь-Худяков

    If I’m understanding the desire correctly, I’ll suggest the already-existing multi-instance mode [right-click file tab of an open file, choose Move to New Instance…also see Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Multi-Instance (box on left)], but I’m guessing that it won’t make you entirely happy…

  • Yeah, that’s not what I need. This mode I had been switched, as suggested to me by Google. But in new Windows only those files that are opened by double-clicking on the file are opened. And I would like the files to be opened in new Windows from the context menu of the program.

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