Code jumps position after switching windows

  • Hi, I love Notepad++! It’s ‘lightweight’ feel works so well for me. I’m using it for coding JavaScript/JSON at the mo’…brilliant!

    Small issue: I switch from my code window in NP++ to my json file, do stuff, and then go back to my js code and the window has jumped showing code higher up the window. I then have to scroll back down through the code again to find where I was. Why doesn’t it stay where it was when I was last looking at it?

    Does anyone else have this issue?



  • @Talismancer-M

    No, not that I’m aware - but it sounds you can replicate this every time if so,
    could you just provide a simple example of a script and a json file and explain
    what you did so that we can test it? In addition, which version (debug-info under ? menu)
    do you use?


  • @Talismancer-M
    Are you using a laptop with a TouchPad or Touchpoint ?

  • Hi,
    I also have the same issue, and I just updated to the newest version. The problem was “gone” right away, because the AutoSave plug-in wasn’t compatible and thus disabled (I downloaded 32-bit NPP by mistake).
    So, for me at least, it seems that plugin causes the jumps whenever the program loses focus.

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