ENH REQ : Change tab's icon to lock when Read-Only Flag Set

  • I think users would appreciate having this one.

    Along the lines of View > Monitoring which changes the icon to an Eye, it would be great if we could change the icon to be a lock when the Read-Only Flag is set.

    Could an expert user please reply with an estimate of assigned-priority and ETA?


  • On a read-only file, the icon in the tab is gray as opposed to blue when the tab is selected. So there’s already a visual indicator for read-only files. It’s odd that it turns blue when the tab is not selected (this happens on 7.5.5). I don’t know if that behavior changed recently but it seems like it may be a bug. You’ll have a better chance of having a feature request / bug fix implemented if you file your request at github.

  • Awesome. Thanks. Will do so. Maybe we can have an option that gives users a choice between graying/lock?

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