Just an idea, open thought, wouldn't it be nice if there was a centralized hub for N++ themes?

  • I remember I spent a very long time fine-tuning my own Notepad++ theme, shamefully copying elements from Atom and Sublime, both in terms of font choices and colors, adjusting to my own needs further on (html-edit oriented, and with a “let’s allow those eyes to rest and find stuff more easily” focus).

    Thinking of it, I imagine most N++ users must have done the same to an even greater extent probably (and if you haven’t, try Atom again and ask yourselves if you don’t want to edit your theme a bit ;) ).

    However, we’re kinda stuck each on our own, with only the default N++ preinstalled themes, and a very small number of people who bothered sharing their own theme online.

    So here’s the idea, wouldn’t you think it would be a neat feature if the Notepad++ website could play house to user-submitted contributions, their own themes, zipped and available for re-use in case others look how it plays?

    It’s the idea, a centralized hub. Even if not at the Notepad++ website itself, if there was such a hub, it would be great already…

    Sorry for wasting your time probably. I felt this would be really cool if it existed, and felt guilty for not throwing the idea after so much time thinking about it. Now it’s done, I’ll apologize one last time and with everyone a good day :)

  • It would be nice! I was just looking for a hub myself! I decided to just Google it and found a few.

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