NPP not always sensing changed open file

  • I run a file-parsing script that produces an error report. I keep that report open in NPP as I fix errors (in other files) found by the script. When I rerun the script, the error report changes, and usually NPP asks:



    This file has been modified by another program.
    Do you want to reload it?

    Yes No

    Often enough to be a little annoying, NPP doesn’t sense the change and I have either click NPP on the task bar (to minimize it), in which case it usually flickers and shows me the reload dialog, or, when that doesn’t work (rarer), I have to manually reload the file.

    The file is located on a network drive, which may be the issue. But maybe not. I thought I’d ask if anything can be done. Thanks!

  • @Brigham-Narins

    from my memories, there is a problem when using SMB v1 protocol,
    could this be your problem as well?


  • Thanks Claudia. I suppose it could be, I just don’t know what “SMB v1 protocol” is. If it’s a network software thing, then it’s out of my hands (I’m at work in a big company).

    I was thinking maybe there’s an NPP setting that controls how often it checks a document’s state. But this a relatively minor issue, one I can live with. Thanks again.

  • @Brigham-Narins

    yes, SMB and CIFS etc… are network protocls which define how share communication
    has to work.

    Npp doesn’t read the file again and again, instead it uses a mechanism to get notified
    by windows functionality when a file has been changed.
    While this is much more efficient it means that it must trust the underlying layer to
    report each change properly and as you found out, this isn’t always the case.


  • Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate that.

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