Creating Double Spacing and Keeping the Format when it's Pasted

  • I’m using the new version of Notepad ++ and haven’t been able to find an option for double spacing. The best that I can do is press the return again after each line, however when I copy and paste to Facebook it doesn’t keep every space after each line. I also tried Edit>Line Operations>Insert Blank Line Below Current which had the same results and didn’t keep every line space either when I pasted to Facebook for a post.

    I guess there are two questions here.

    Is there a setting for double spacing ?

    Do I need to change the Encoding or do something else so I can keep the double space format when I post on Facebook?

  • @LightWall

    Notepad++ is a text editor and not a word processor…so there really isn’t a concept of double-spacing to be found with it. However, a rough approximation can be done with a regular-expression replacement operation:

    Invoke the Replace dialog by pressing ctrl+h


    • Find what zone: \R
    • Replace with zone: $0$0
    • Search mode: Regular expression
    • Wrap around: ticked (probably)

    Action: press Replace All button

  • @LightWall

    Do I need to change…something…so I can keep the double space format when I post on Facebook?

    By the way, I just realized that I didn’t answer the Facebook part of your question…FB questions are not really welcome here, but I’ll answer it indirectly: Web sites do different things according to their programming when users input data. For example, this website will do the following if you attempt to add extra vertical whitespacing in a posting:


    I’m not saying that there aren’t ways around this for the FB “problem” you are experiencing, but I’m not going further with that here, mainly because I don’t care–sorry. My main point is that you might do something in Notepad++ that appears to solve a problem when viewed with Notepad++, but text copy-and-pasted is at the mercy of how the destination wants to process it.

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