Changing custom docking location?

  • Hi everybody,

    I’m relatively new to NPP, but have been charmed by its simplicity and versatility. Today I was introduced to NppExec, which goes a long way to turning this into an IDE. However, I’m a bit offput that it only docks on the lower part of the window. Is there any way to make it dock, say, vertically on the left side?

    I saw in a few forums people claiming it was possible, but they either didn’t say how, or their way didn’t work, I wonder if due to version incompatibility. Is this so? Can I change how windows dock inside a NPP instance?

  • @Roberto-Ribeiro

    double click onto the name “Console” to make it floating and then drag it slowly
    to one of the sides, once you see the virtual rectangle release the mouse button.


  • Hi Claudia! Thank you very much for the answer, it worked great!
    I imagine having windows dock on top of each other, such as:

    || workspace  ||                       ||                      ||
    +==========+    view 01     ||    view 02    ||
    ||   console     ||                       ||                      ||

    is not yet supported? At least when I tried dragging them, at best they’d stack together in the same frame.

  • Hi Roberto,

    sorry, no, not stackable - you can only put multiple together in this “tabbed way” as you’ve
    already discovered.


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