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  • in ue, I used to do “select and find next” (43048 command in npp),
    but when I deselected the chosen word, the editor still remembered it and
    f3 was still working,

    in npp, the behavior is a bit different:
    I select a word, I press “f3” (assigned by me in “select and find next”),
    but, when I move from that word (maybe because I want to copy another word),
    the selected word is lost and the editor marks for searching the closer word,

    can this be altered somehow?

    maybe the functionality needs a change?

  • @patrickdrd

    If I understand this, then I think you just need to adjust your thinking to do a “Find Next” rather than a “Select and Find Next” in such situations? Yes it is a different keystroke, which may be a barrier initially…but I got used to it… Of course, I could be totally off base and am misunderstanding your posting…

  • Thinking about this has revived my memory about the “volatile” find next/prev commands – maybe not the best of names for this. Anyway, we have (only showing “next” but also equivalent functionality for “previous”):

    Find Next : repeat most-recent “remembered” find
    Select And Find Next : grab “word” at caret, search in current direction with it; remember it for when Find Next is used again
    Find (Volatile) Next : grab “word” at caret, search in current direction with it; but DON’T remember it

    I guess “volatile” here is like turning off the power right after the search is done–it’s gone from memory when that happens…

    Probably the biggest hurdle to efficient use of ALL of these is remembering the 6 distinct keycombinations!

  • I just run a search in .net, same functionality (as ue’s one) there too

  • I’m saying it’s not convenient because I would want it to remember the word AND allow me to cut/copy/paste from a part of the document and then continue my search, this doesn’t seem possible with npp, at least I would have to re-initialize my search

  • @patrickdrd

    Here I’m attempting to show where I am doing a “Select and Find Next” on a word (“encouraging”), followed by several "Find Next"s, then ooohh(!), found what I want so I copy a full line and paste it 3 times at the bottom of the doc, then move back up and do some more "Find Next"s of the original “encouraging” word. So doesn’t this show that I copied from part of the doc and yet continued my original search?


  • yes, but the problem is you can’t use the same shortcut/function I see,
    I mean you’ve got to start with “select and find next” and then “find next”,
    while I want to be able to press f3 each time (assign it to “select and find next” maybe),
    is this possible?

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