display and print line spacing

  • I see too much space between lines. Both in display and printing. I would like to print more lines to a page (line numbers on). I am getting about 52 lines per page and would think it could be at least 69 lines per page. It looks like line is 1.5 or double spacing. I am using . Thanks.

  • You can accomplish this by changing your Font size and enabling the Enable global font size setting under Style Configurator.
    See this image for reference: Increase Lines Printed

    Note: You can increase/decrease the official font size as needed, to print as much/little as you want. This will also change the font size on the screen, but you can simply adjust the zoom level of the app to make it display appropriately.
    (‘Ctrl’ + ‘+/-’ OR ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Mouse Wheel’)

  • Thanks, I will try that. I have changed fonts to r-ansi and 8 point, but the space is the same. I will look for increased lines printed…

  • James, if you want to be able to fit in more lines into a piece of paper when printing, download the nppexec plugin from here:


    You can then click execute and add these scintilla API codes like:

    SCI_SENDMSG 2146 -3

    more negative number -> smaller print scale.
    erase for default size (too big in my opinion)

  • @SalviaSage said:

    erase for default size

    Nice one…what does “erase for default size” mean?

  • Well I did not see ‘increase lines printed’ BUT I did change global, font size to 8 and font r_ansi and now it prints 73 lines per page.
    This is Great !

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