[JAVA] [TOOL] For those who are mad with IDEs, here is a complete compilation tool for Notepad ++

  • Hello, for those who do not like the IDEs (I know there are more than one), I created a Java compilation tool for Notepad ++ using natives java tools (java.exe, javac.exe, jdb.exe, etc …). This tool is designed to avoid too much bother and waste time with the command lines and thus to significantly increase your productivity without using an ultra-heavy IDE.

    Main features :

    • compiling Java code;
    • Java code execution;
    • Java code debugging;
    • testing Java applets;
    • exporting to jar format;
    • jar signing;
    • JavaDoc generation;
    • backuping source files;
    • full support of librairies.

    Note : the “NppExec” plugin for Notepad++ is required.

    Please, give me a feed back.
    Don’t forget to read the “Read-me” file.

    Download : http://www.filedropper.com/javacompilingscriptsforn

  • I am probably a dinosaur (at age 65 I am entitled to be one!), but I think there is much value in the old command line interface (preferably the slightly improved TCCLE version) over all other alternatives:

    1. You have a much clearer idea of what is being done - nothing is hidden behind an obscure, but pretty interface.

    2. Commands can be edited and/or repeated with ease, and then copied into a batch file opened in NP++.

    3. With the speed of modern machines, it is much easier to use a batch file that recompiles everything, than use a MAKE file that maybe doesn’t quite take account of everything that has changed. (OK, recompiling everything may not be practical for extremely large projects).

    4. None of the vital data needed to rebuild a project is encoded in a binary file.

    5. You have to remember how to use an IDE, whereas using batch files, you only have to remember their name! If you have to fill your mind with trivia, there is less room for the details of the actual project!

    6. An IDE effectively prevents you from further automation of the tasks you do regularly. Thus, you can put any commands in a batch file, but as soon as a GUI interface pops up, you have to physically go through every step of your task - click here, right click there, etc.

  • Hello, thank’s for your reply,

    I understand your point of view, the main script is easly customizable for an advanced user (a programmer for example :p).

    Basicaly, I have designed this script only for me, but once done, I have decided to release it in order to share it, if ever someone need it.

    The conversion to the classic command line interpreter should probably be feasible, but at this time. I stop working on it.

    Kind Regards

  • Bit-Hunter,

    My comment should not be taken as being against your work - there are many who like IDE’s, and may find what you do useful.

    I wrote it because I think programmers took a wrong turn many years ago, when they decided that they needed to use a GUI interface to control their projects and that the command line looked old fashioned. I have seen people waste enormous amounts of time struggling with the vagaries of IDE’s - puzzling over why something wasn’t rebuilt, or how to correct some error in the way their project was set up, etc.

    I do think that younger programmers should become familiar with the command line - at least so as to get an idea of what it has to offer.


  • Yeah, don’t worry, I understand that you were not against my work, Maybe my english is not quite accurate.

    My tool is designed for people that know how the command lines work. My tool is only there to avoid typing command lines by hand, and thus, save many time.

    Thanks and Regards

  • @Bit-Hunter Your link is broken. Apparently the URL is truncated.

  • I have reuploaded the package, the original link now works : http://www.filedropper.com/javacompilingscriptsforn

  • Here is a new and definitive link : https://mega.nz/#!psYBlRLZ!qfZJydrHWu6TomqV-PjrEdyirdiHQVe1iP7N6nry0rk


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