Update madness

  • A modest proposal, if you will.

    NP++ is getting updates about every half an hour on average. Therefore you have to do the start-update-restart routine quite often.

    How about we take a book from pain.net’s elegant solution? It gives you an option to run the update AFTER you’re done with your stuff. In other words, roughly similar approach as windows “update and shut down”.

    That’s the only “small” program I can think of which handles it this way but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the industry norm.

  • Please tell me that your “half an hour on average” is a gross exaggeration. NPP 7.5.6 was released Mar 19; NPP 7.5.5 was released Feb 27, and NPP 7.5.4 was released on Jan 1. This year, there have only been three NPP updates, averaging about one every two months: that’s not bad. If you’re really complaining about one update every two months, then you might want to just turn off auto-updates (Settings > Preferences > MISC, uncheck ☐ Enable Notepad++ auto-updater) – though you’ll then want to manually watch for updates on the website.

    Assuming it’s really “every half an hour”: My first guesses are that 1) it’s one of your plugins, or 2) that somehow the update sequence of NPP keeps getting interrupted or is not allowed to finish, so it’s the same update trying to repeatedly update itself. #2 doesn’t seem likely (I’ve never heard of it happening)… though maybe if you tried to do a full install, and don’t have Admin privileges (or if your admins revoked your local-Admin privileges on your PC due to a policy change), then the update process may be corrupted.

    My more nefarious guess #3: where exactly did you download your copy of NPP? If it’s truly NPP (and not a plugin) that’s trying to update, then I am afraid you may have downloaded from a less-than-reputable location, rather than from https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/, and bad things are happening. I hope you have a good, reputable antivirus / antimalware running.

    Please open Notepad++, go to the ? Menu, select Debug Info and Copy debug info into clipboard, and paste it into your response in this thread. This will tell us something about what version of Notepad++ you’re using, and what plugins are loaded.

    After you provide the exact download location you got it from, and the Debug Info, we may be able to better help you with your problem.

  • Don’t forget the plugin updates too.

    This is a feature request, not a question where to turn off the updates altogether.

  • You said, “Don’t forget the plugin updates too”. As I already said, “1) it’s one of your plugins”. I didn’t forget. I was quite explicit that a plugin was the possibility.

    But even with a dozen plugins installed, I do not get updates “every half an hour on average”, or even daily. If you really are getting that many updates, and it wasn’t an exaggeration (I notice you didn’t respond to that point), then there is an issue with your setup that needs to be debugged, and no amount of feature requests will solve your underlying problem.

    If you really do have a feature request, this FAQ will explain the correct site for making such requests. But I recommend, if you do make a feature request, to not use exaggeration that makes it look to the outside world like there’s something wrong with your system that won’t be fixed by the feature you’re requesting; if you do, they may (like me) focus on the root problem, not the feature request.

  • Someone beat me to it by fair margin:

    See, paint.net does do it in a pleasing way that’s well worth emulating.

    Unfortunately that request gained zero traction. There’s no way to vote for the issue either.

  • for voting on an issue: do you not get the +☺ icon on the right of the issue? I do:

  • I thought that’s social-media-like “lol”-button?

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