Improve "Save all"

  • Currently the “Save all” does not prompt for user confirmation, when clicked, but goes directly into saving all open files.

    It’s happened to me several times, that I have accidentally clicked the “Save all” button instead of the “Save File”, given they’re so close to each other, and that has resulted in unwanted saving of several files that I was still editing.

    Is there an option to at least force “Save all” function (button or Ctrl+Shift+S) to always prompt for confirmation on being called, such that accidental triggers wouldn’t overwrite unwanted changes?
    If not, I believe it would be great to add it somewhere in the preferences and enabled by default.

  • @mpotra

    Not a bad suggestion I suppose…you may want to follow the advice here.

    You can have this functionality TODAY if you are willing to “script it”. The scripting plugins for Notepad++ are excellent. I tend to use Pythonscript; here’s some code for that which will implement a confirmation for Save All.

    Here’s :

    def SAWAYSP__main():
        if notepad.messageBox(
            'Do you want to do a SAVE on all unsaved files?', # box body text
            'Are you sure??',                                 # box titlebar text
            ) != MESSAGEBOXFLAGS.RESULTYES: return

    You can remap the default Save All keyboard shortcut to run the script instead.

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