Call-tips - Questions, possible bug

  • Hi all,

    I have a couple of questions, and a niggle/bug/thing with auto-complete, hoping one of you can help with a little information?

    Does anyone know if the width of the autocompletion ‘call-tips’ pop-up configurable? I’m putting together an xml file for a combined Lua/Reaper API, and some of Reaper’s function calls have very long names, many return values, and many arguments, making the call-tip superlong and not very readable (even with judicious abbreviations…). If I could lock the width at 80 chrs it would be perfect.

    Possible bug - if typing a function or method name (. or :) if I make a typo, the auto-completion dialog disappears (which is expected), but if I backspace and remove the typo, then continue to type, auto-complete does not display all possible items (as per the xml), but will only display words has previously been typed in the editor. Can anyone confirm?

    One last quick question :) - Can the colours of the call-tip be changed, or are they hard-coded?


    • Rob

    • In case a fixed-width tooltop is not currently possible, then to support an FR, an additional benefit of having a fixed width call-tip, it would reduce the need for arbitrary carriage returns when adding lines of documentation…

    :) cheers, R

  • I think what you’re looking for is in Preferences->Auto-Completion in the box titled Auto-Completion. On the right side of the box there’s a line that says “From X th character. Valid value: 1-9”

    The “x” is a clickable number. If you click on the number you can change it to 9, but that’s as high as it can be set. There are other options in this window that may ease some of your auto-complete pain.

    Sorry, I can’t help you with the function completion or tooltip color issues.